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You Can Ride Flying Bikes Through The Forest Only 90 Minutes From Montreal This Summer

Bicycle and zip line combo? Don't mind if we do! 🚲🌲

Person riding on the VéloVolant at Au Diable Vert resort in Mont-Sutton

Person riding on the VéloVolant at Au Diable Vert resort in Mont-Sutton

Izabelle Bee | Narcity

You've heard of mountain biking, but treetop biking? Yes, you totally read that right. Au Diable Vert's unique VéloVolant activity lets you pedal your way down cables suspended between trees at its mountain resort in the beautiful town of Sutton, Quebec.

While Quebec's stunning parks offer up lots of biking experiences, none truly measure up to the adventure of soaring in the tree canopy of the province's deciduous forests.

Au Diable Vert also promises views of waterfalls and the Green Mountains of Vermont.

The circuit itself is one kilometre long and takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Since you'll be suspended in the air and all, it's best to avoid this one if you're afraid of heights. But if you're looking for something to get the adrenaline going without too much physical exertion, this activity could be for you.

Au Diable Vert imposes a 220 lb weight limit on bikes, and comfortable and outdoor-friendly clothing and shoes are strongly recommended.

The experience costs a total of $50 per person, and spots can be reserved for this one-of-a-kind activity on Au Diable Vert's website.

Get the details below.

VéloVolant at Au Diable Vert

Une personne suspendue dans les arcades du V\u00e9loVolant.

Une personne suspendue dans les arcades du VéloVolant.

Izabelle Bee | Narcity

Price: $50 per person.

Address: 169, chemin Staines Glen, Sutton, QC

When: Starting in May on weekends from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and every day from June to October 15, 2022


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