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11 Quebec Influencers Who Absolutely Nailed Their Halloween Costumes

That's a wrap on spooky season!

Associate Editor, MTL Blog
Quebec influencer Halloween 2022 costumes.

Quebec influencer Halloween 2022 costumes.


Step aside Michael Meyers, it's Mariah Carey season now. While Halloween may have come and gone, we are still totally revelling in the wonderfully wild costumes many Quebec influencers wore this year.

From classic throwback and major makeup moments all the way to a Thriller flash mob, these Quebec stars certainly didn't disappoint.

Énola Bédard

Quebec dancer Énola Bédard never fails to up the ante when it comes to her dancing vids. Bédard not only dressed up as the iconic King of Pop, Michael Jackson, but threw a "Thriller" inspired flash mob on the Santa Monica pier.

Élisabeth Rioux

​Élisabeth Rioux didn't have much time to prep her Halloween ensemble. However, it's safe to say she delivered with this vampire costume paired with an all-black 'fit and a red lip that tied the entire look together.

Hélène Boudreau

@iamhely | Instagram

Boudreau celebrated Halloween in Los Angeles this year alongside her new boo, Jessy Jones. The OnlyFans mogul wore a stunning angel costume, which was quite fitting given her location. "Fallen angel of L.A," Boudreau titled her costume on Instagram.

Beatrice Bouchard

In-N-Out anyone? Beatrice Bouchard dressed up as an In-N-Out Burger employee with a literal burger and fries as her accessories.

Eugenie Bouchard

The tennis pro decided to throw it way back with a hella creepy Chucky costume. While she may have celebrated in Michigan during tennis practice, that didn't stop her or her coach (who dressed up as Michael Meyers) from getting in the Halloween spirit.

Claudia Tihan

Claudia Tihan partnered with Fashion Nova for this spooky season and delivered a steamy race car driver ensemble that is fit for a true Formula 1 moment.

Brendan Mikan

The Quebec-based influencer got his iced coffee on with a literal wearable iced coffee, or more specifically, an iced cold brew.

Emy Lalune

Pop star meets bandit. Emy Lalune served nothing but looks alongside her boyfriend, Ali Bensaud this Halloween and we aren't sure what pops more, the red dress or the blue wig.

Marianne Plaisance

Plaisance took things to the next level with a money dress made out of banknotes. While the costume looks like it took a while to make, the result was well worth the time.

Marie Gagné

Marie Gagné opted for a more subtle suit and tie look. However, it's the makeup that is the true show stealer. The skeleton look is one that never goes out of style, and Gagné is proving exactly why that is.

Zoé Duval

Who doesn't love a boxing moment? Zoé Duval was "smizing" in his recent Instagram post serving boxer realness and it gave exactly what it needed to give.

    Mike Chaar
    Associate Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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