Hélène Boudreau Wants To Eventually Change Her Name & Swap Industries

From the world of OnlyFans to a real estate empire.

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Hélène Boudreau Instagram photo.

Hélène Boudreau Instagram photo.

Hélène Boudreau made a name for herself after her controversial UQAM graduation photo went viral in 2021, building up a huge and devoted following — and considerable net worth. In the long term, she plans to keep the wealth but maybe not the name.

Although she rakes in thousands a month through her OnlyFans account, Boudreau doesn't plan on working in the sex industry for too much longer or going by the name we all know and recognize.

In a recent Instagram Stories Q&A, Hélène confided in her 251,000 followers that she plans on changing her name in the near future — a plan that also includes having children.

H\u00e9l\u00e8ne's Instagram story.Hélène's Instagram story.@iamhely | Instagram

"Do you want kids?" one of Hélène's followers asked.

"I think [I want kids] when I'm around 35 years old and even if I don't have a "boyfriend," I'm going to [have them] by myself. At 35, I'm going to be retired and I'm not going to be on social media anymore. You won't be able to see my child or know my name. I'm going to be living off my real estate and at daycare, there's going to be a nanny that's going to pick up my child or children and I'm going to have changed my name."

Hélène has talked about her interest in real estate quite a bit over the last year. In 2021, she purchased two triplexes and has opened up about her desire to take on real estate and business in the future.

Boudreau spoke with Narcity Quebec saying that her planned name change is purely for financial reasons.

"It's just for taxation. I want to build my empire in real estate and then having the name Hélène Boudreau is not very viable with banks and with the tax authorities, so I will just change my name and it will be easier."

As for her career, Hélène told Narcity Quebec that she wants to focus more on real estate and her investments. With an impressive and growing portfolio, Boudreau's goal to retire by 35 and start a family is looking pretty solid right now.

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