Élisabeth Rioux Claims Adam Levine Slid Into Her DMs Too & She Has Screenshots

Check your DMs y'all, 'cause Adam may have sent you one, too!

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Adam Levin performing, Right: Élisabeth Rioux Instagram photo.

Adam Levin performing, Right: Élisabeth Rioux Instagram photo.

Adam Levine has been a hot topic of conversation this week after a number of women stepped forward claiming to have had a romance with the Maroon 5 singer — who just so happens to be married and expecting his third child.

Well, turns out Adam Levine had his sights set on none other than Quebec's very own Élisabeth Rioux. The influencer and swimwear designer shared a couple of screenshots to her Instagram stories earlier this week where she revealed that the "She Will Be Loved" singer attempted to slide into her DMs...unsuccessfully, that is.

@elisabethrioux | Instagram

In the first screenshot, Élisabeth showed her 1.6 million followers that Adam Levine had sent her a direct message, which seemingly got lost in Rioux's requests.

"Ah no. What I'd give to see it," she wrote, claiming Levine deleted all the messages by the time she accepted. Many fans suspected that the pic wasn't real, considering so many folks hopped onto the photoshopped Adam Levine DM trend, including the STM.

@elisabethrioux | Instagram

"No it's not fake," Rioux said after posting a video of her Instagram DMs and recent searches to prove that the pic wasn't photoshopped.

While the evidence was apparently scrapped, his previous leaked DMs to others largely followed a dull, predictable pattern, so perhaps Rioux dodged a maroon-coloured bullet with this one.

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