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Emy-Jade Greaves & Olivier Dion Went Public As A Couple & Social Media Is Loving It

"I guess it's official now" 💖

Emy-Jade Greaves and Olivier Dion make first public appearance as a couple.

Emy-Jade Greaves and Olivier Dion make first public appearance as a couple.

Emy-Jade Greaves confirmed her split from Occupation Double Martinique cast member Tommy Kimpton this past summer and fans have been wondering what her relationship status has been since.

Well, after posting pics and videos to her Instagram Stories with Quebec singer Olivier Dion this fall, Greaves' followers began speculating whether the two are dating. Turns out...they are!

Emy-Jade and Olivier attended the 44th edition of the ADISQ gala this past week and the duo stopped by a hair salon where they posed for their first official photo, which Greaves posted to her Instagram page on November 6.

"I guess it's official now," Emy-Jade captioned the photo of her and Dion dressed in all-black ensembles.

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Fans, followers and fellow influencers were thrilled about the news, sending nothing but love and congratulations to the couple in the comments.

"I can't deal," Élisabeth Rioux wrote. "My god, power couple," YouTuber Rosalie Lessard also commented.

While everyone appears to be head over heels happy over the new couple alert, one person isn't too keen on the new romance. Former Occupation Double Greece star Yan Cacchione just so happens to be good friends with Olivier Dion and requested a special arrangement whereby he and Emy-Jade would have joint custody of Dion on Saturdays.

Since announcing their relationship, Emy-Jade has posted more Olivier content to her IG Stories. But another couple pic has yet to drop on either Greaves or Dion's Instagram feed.

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