A City In Quebec Just Ranked As #1 In Canada To Study In For 2021 & It Wasn't Montreal

But we still beat Toronto.
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A City In Quebec Just Ranked As #1 In Canada To Study In For 2021 & It Wasn't Montreal

Choosing where to go to school can be one heck of a hassle, considering how many options there are in our country, but HelloSafe's 2021 Best Cities To Study In Canada Ranking makes that decision seem so much easier.

To our surprise, Montreal didn't take the top spot in the ranking — but another city in Quebec did.

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Sherbrooke is the best 2021 city to study in Canada!


HelloSafe split its ranking into four main criteria: attractiveness, quality of student life, overall quality of life, and "academic excellence and cost of studying" and Quebec cities won the top spot for each category.

Sherbrooke was recognized as the best overall Canadian to study in for 2021, with Montreal following suit in the #2 spot. And many other cities in Quebec made it onto the list.

Chicoutimi ranked first in the quality of life category because of its cheap rent, access to nature, and not-so-freezing temperatures.

Sherbrooke got the number one spot for "attractiveness" because it's close to three major Canadian urban areas, has easy transportation systems, and "the unemployment rate is among the lowest of the country (8.5% in January 2021)."

When it comes to the quality of student life, Montreal was deemed the best in the country in 2021, thanks to its many bars and restaurants, its culture, and its large population of students living in the city.

Montreal also ranked #1 in the "Academic excellence and cost of studying" section because of the high number of universities in the city and since "if universities fees are quite high, they are far from being the highest in Canada."

So, seems like Quebec is where it's at when it comes to studying in Canada.

Alanna Moore
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