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A Montreal Mom Ditched Her Kid At A Quebec Restaurant While She Went To A Spa, Police Say

The woman apparently couldn't understand why police got involved.

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Quebec police car by a road.

Quebec police car by a road.

On Sunday, April 10, Quebec police say an 11-year-old child spent part of their day alone in a restaurant in Chelsea after their mother left them to go to a spa in the surrounding area.

According to a press release from MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais, police were contacted by the manager of the restaurant "about the prolonged absence of the woman who had dropped the child off a few hours earlier."

As for how this all went down, police were told that after ordering a meal for her son, the 38-year-old mother from Montreal told the restaurant staff that she had errands to run and would be back in about 45 minutes. This was said to be around 4:30 p.m..

Once 7 p.m. hit and the mother had still not returned, the staff became worried and decided to call the police.

Although trying several times, Quebec police only managed to reach the woman around 7:30 p.m..

"It is at this moment that the lady informs our personnel that she will be on the spot in a few minutes only because she is still at the spa," the press release read.

Luckily, the child was said to have been in "good hands" and didn't seem to mind his mother being gone for such a long period of time.

Police say that once the woman returned, she couldn't seem to understand why the police got involved and "minimized the fact that her 11-year-old child had been left alone in a restaurant for almost 3 hours."

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