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Quebec Police Seized $115,000, Around 30 Weapons & A Heck Of A Lot Of Drugs This Past Week

That's one long list of seized items! 😮

Sûreté du Québec police jacket.

Sûreté du Québec police jacket.

A major Quebec police operation on Thursday led to the seizure of over $115,000, around 30 weapons and a heck of a lot of drugs.

The Montérégie Regional Joint Force conducted 26 searches of homes and vehicles as part of an investigation into drug trafficking tied to criminal motorcycle gangs in the Maskoutains region, according to a Sûreté du Québec news release.

The list of what the police found and seized is quite extensive.

As far as drugs go, it includes more than 800 grams of cocaine, 55 grams of crack, 14 kilograms of cannabis, 16 grams of hashish, and over 1,000 methamphetamine tablets as well as presses for making tablets and hashish.

In terms of weapons, police seized a pistol, 20 unregistered firearms, two tasers, a brass knuckle, two air pistols, a revolver, three silencers, three crossbows, a prohibited crossbow, a telescopic baton, an AR15 pellet rifle and a batch of ammunition.

The police also recovered more than $115,000 in Canadian currency, a radio jammer, jewelry and jackets adorned with biker gang logos, and two vehicles.

The searches were conducted as part of the CENTAURE strategy, which aims to combat firearms trafficking in Quebec.

"CENTAURE allows the Sûreté du Québec and all partner police forces to maximize their efforts at the national, regional and local levels targeting the supply, importation, distribution and illegal possession of firearms," the SQ press release states.

The release says that if you have information related to the possession, trafficking or use of firearms, you can report it to the CENTAURE information line at 1-833-888-ARME (2763).

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