A Ranking Of The Best Cities In Canada To Raise A Family Dropped & Quebec Dominated The List

A total of five Quebec cities made the cut.

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An aerial view of a neighbourhood in Montreal, Quebec. Right: The Canadian and Quebec flags.

An aerial view of a neighbourhood in Montreal, Quebec. Right: The Canadian and Quebec flags.

Canada is one of the most desirable countries in the world. Still, choosing a city to live in with your growing family is no easy feat. But when it comes to access to daycare and schools, the cost of food and commute times, Quebec just might be the perfect spot for you and your little ones.

Yore Oyster, a personal finance and investment company, ranked the best cities in Canada to raise a family, and Quebec totally dominated the list. The company evaluated a total of 27 Canadian cities, scoring them on a number of criteria such as cost of living, childcare costs, maternity and parental leave, crime rate, quality of life and median age.

The top three spots consist exclusively of cities in Quebec. In the number one spot is Trois-Rivières, a city Yore Oyster says is rich in culture and economically dynamic. It also points to the city's relatively low costs and "high standard of living." Are we talking about the same Trois-Rivières, Yore Oyster?

Quebec City came in second, with its modernity, culture, nature and low crime rate all earning praise.

Sherbrooke ranked third on the list, with Yore Oyster highlighting the city's "perfect balance between urban vitality and nature's tranquillity." Who knew "perfect" "urban vitality" and "tranquillity" would ever be used in the same sentence as Sherbrooke...

Montreal also ranked in the top 10, landing in sixth overall due to its "low cost of housing, good schools, low crime," and abundance of parks, playgrounds and family activities, the company said.

Wondering which other Canadian spots made the cut? Here are the top 10:

  1. Trois-Rivières
  2. Quebec City
  3. Sherbrooke
  4. Ottawa
  5. Charlottetown
  6. Montreal
  7. Guelph
  8. Gatineau
  9. Barrie
  10. Kingston

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