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People In Asbestos, Quebec Hated The New Name Options So Much, The City Is Starting Over

"Jeffrey" wasn't exactly inspirational.
Senior Editor
Asbestos, Quebec's Name Change Is 'On Hold' After Residents Ridiculed The 4 Options

We may not get a Phénix, Quebec, after all. After revealing the four final options for the Asbestos, Quebec name change, the city government is heading back to the drawing board.

It turns out the options of Phénix, Apalone, Jeffrey, and Trois-Lacs didn't exactly inspire the population.

In a Friday Facebook post, the city explained that it's reviewing its name selection process after criticism (and ridicule) from residents.

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We have heard their concerns and that is why we are readjusting the focus.

Asbestos Mayor Hugues Grimard

"In light of the popular reaction, council decided that an upgrade was necessary," the Facebook post states.

"Keeping in mind that the exercise is highly subjective due to its emotional nature, City Council will revisit the suggestions received to improve the proposed list."

In the meantime, "the name change process is on indefinite hold."

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