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Buy A Quebecois Product, Gift A Meal — The SAQ's Fall Donation Drive Is Back

They're teaming up again with Food Banks of Quebec.

Montrealers gather outside an SAQ.

Montrealers gather outside an SAQ.

As Quebecers struggle with inflation, the rising cost of living and the crushing approach of inevitable winter, the SAQ is raising funds for the Food Banks of Quebec network (FBQ) for the 13th year running.

Between October 6 and 12, the SAQ is donating one meal to the FBQ for every Quebec-origin product sold, including drinks that are labelled Origine Québec, Made in Québec and Bottled in Québec.

The collaboration is part of a longstanding partnership between the two organizations, and you can choose to contribute additional funds by donating at the register during checkout.

Of course, you can also donate directly to the FBQ via its website, where financial gifts and food donations are both accepted year-round.

"With the lingering effects of the pandemic and skyrocketing inflation, the FBQ has seen a dramatic 30% to 50% increase in requests in every region," Martin Munger, FBQ's executive director, stated in a press release about the campaign.

This increased need means that contributions are more important now than ever for the 600,000 people receiving assistance from the FBQ network each month. The SAQ has been a key contributor over the past decade, giving a total of $14 million since the collaboration began in 2009.

For curious philanthropists, the SAQ goes into further detail about the campaign in a recent episode of their podcast, Sous le Bouchon. Why does the SAQ have a podcast? It's a compelling question. This episode features the heads of several food banks in Quebec, including Munger, speaking about their roles in supporting Quebecers in need and their partnership with the SAQ.

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