Canada's Drag Race Season 2 Starts Soon & Here's What We Know About The Quebec Queens

If you're a fan, you probably already know Canada's Drag Race season two is set to premiere in October. And you probably already know that the cast includes four queens from la belle province. But how much do you really know about these four fierce Quebecers?

We did some digging to find out what viewers can expect to see this season and the competitors who'll be repping Quebec already have us excited. Now we're ready to spill the tea.


Age: 29

City: Quebec City

About: Adriana describes herself on Instagram as "The Latinx Bombshell." She immigrated to Quebec from Colombia when she was 16, not knowing how to speak English or French. Now, according to a press release, she's known for her "sexy, polished, and versatile drag." She's also a three-time winner of Québec's Drag Artist of the Year.

"Doing drag makes me feel that I can do anything! All my life I struggled to find something I was good at. Many times I thought I had no talent and no confidence to become the star that I have always wanted to be. Drag let me see how amazing I really am. Now, I constantly surprise audiences and leave them asking for more every time," says Adriana.


Océane Aqua-Black

Age: 35

City: Quebec City

About: Océane Aqua-Black is known as a "performance queen" who hosts drag shows across Quebec and Ontario, including in Montreal. She's also a big K-Pop fan who, according to the press release, can lip-sync in five languages: English, French, Spanish, German, and Korean.

"For me, Canada's Drag Race is not just a competition show, it's a wonderful platform where everybody can enjoy my talent and creativity! More importantly, I think drag queens give an important voice to the LGBTQ+ community because we represent their superheroes. I hope people will be able to relate to us and we can act as an inspiration to make the world a magical place," Aqua-Black said.



Age: 26

City: Montreal

About: Pythia came to Canada when she was 14, after growing up in Greece. She describes herself on Instagram as a "Grecian Drag Goddex." Pythia works as a costume designer and makeup artist for film and theatre so you can expect her to bring some theatrical aesthetics to the table. Fun fact: Miley Cyrus reposted a video of Pythia impersonating her.

"Drag for me is the closest thing we have to magic and a method to completely unpack and destroy gender. It grants me the ability to transfigure and embody all of my passions, whether it be theatre, fashion or art, and merge them into one physical form as Pythia. I am not a "female impersonator," I am the image of my imagination, a storyteller and a fantasy made into reality," she said.


Suki Doll

Age: 27

City: Montreal

About: Suki was brought up in a family of eight! Now, she represents the Asian American Pacific Islander community with her art. According to the press release, she's a "fashionista and a sought-after designer" with "high-speed hands and witty fashion sense."

"C'est moi…Suki Doll, excruciatingly delicious and opulent! Mouahhh," she said.


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