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Christian Dubé Talked About François Legault & They're Not BFFs In Real Life, Apparently

They only have a "working relationship," according to the health minister.

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Christian Dubé Talked About François Legault & They're Not BFFs In Real Life, Apparently

Watching the almost daily press conferences in Quebec, you'd think that Premier François Legault and his government's Health Minister Christian Dubé are best friends behind the scenes. But in fact, Legault and Dubé are only friends at work, according to the health minister.

In an interview with 98.5 FM on January 4, Dubé spoke about his professional experience, the pandemic and his relationship with Quebec's premier after nearly two years of COVID-19 ravaging the province.

When asked if there is a relationship beyond politics between himself, Premier Legault and Dr. Horacio Arruda, Dubé drew a clear distinction.

"No. To be very honest with you — I already knew Mr. Legault before. So our relationship has always stayed very professional because he has a lot to do. [...] I think I'm busy, but the Premier is ten times busier," he explained.

"So with François, with Mr. Legault, it's really a very professional relationship. When we finish a press briefing, it's over because I know he's moving on and I'm going back to my operations."

While the two men frequently text each other about work-related issues, it doesn't go beyond that. Dubé says the premier is entitled to his privacy.

"The little time he has left to be with his wife and his two boys, I respect that a lot. At the same time, for me, it's a bit selfish, but I tell myself that the time I have, I'll spend with my family," he said.

"We didn't decide that we wouldn't see each other, it's that we're so caught up in our daily lives."

It's kind of reassuring that like many of us working folks, even the province's top government officials have work-only friends!

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