François Legault Just Told Quebecers To 'Forget About Big Christmas Parties'

With the second wave in full swing, people are wondering if they're going to be able to celebrate Christmas 2020 in Quebec with their families. As a response to such, François Legault says that Quebecers will not be able to have a "big Christmas party" this year.

The premier confirmed this during the press briefing on the latest developments of COVID-19 in Quebec, this Thursday.

This announcement came just before he confirmed that children will be able to go door-to-door on Halloween — with some restrictions.

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One thing that can already be said is that we must forget about big Christmas parties.

Premier François Legault

François Legault first made reference to large office and family parties, where hundreds of people can gather in one place.

"Obviously, it will not be fun for Quebecers if we could not, at Christmas, see our families [and] our friends," he continued.

Does the government have any alternative planned?

It's "too early" to say, Mr. Legault admitted, while wondering whether Quebecers will be able to celebrate in groups of six or ten people.

As for the restrictions in the red zone, the government has made a point of "being very honest" with Quebecers.

"Some of the measures may be extended beyond October 28," said the premier.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.