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Gas Prices In Quebec Continue To Explode — Here's Where Fuel Is The Cheapest

Guess what? Gas is STILL expensive! ⛽️😥

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Esso gas station.

Esso gas station.

It appears as if the financial restrictions related to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to have its effects on the rise of inflation in Canada. After Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put a sanction on Russian oil, gas prices have exploded, with Quebec being no exception.

Well, it seems as if the rise hasn't stopped yet. On Sunday, March 27, gas prices are expected to go up yet again — but you can spend less at these pumps across Quebec.

"After dropping 2 cents per litre on Saturday. Gas prices will RISE 3 cents per litre Sunday for Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton, London, Barrie, Ottawa, Window, Niagara, Kitchener, Kingston, and most of Ontario and Quebec," gas expert Dan McTeague tweeted out on March 25.

McTeague estimates that gas will cost 187.9 cents per litre in Montreal this Sunday, with premium gas costing 215.9 per litre, and 229.9 cents per litre for diesel.

According to CAA-National, the average price of gas in Quebec on March 26 is 180.4/L, which is a 2 cent drop from last week. While that may seem like an improvement, it's worth a reminder that the current price of gas in Quebec is nearly 20 cents higher than it was last month.

The current average price of gas in Montreal is 186.7 cents per litre.

While gas prices continue to rise, there are a few spots across the province where you can save at the pump. The cheapest areas in Quebec to snag some fuel as of March 26 are Gatineau (178.8/L), Rouyn-Noranda (179.0/L), Val-d'Or (179.4/L), Chicoutimi (180.0/L), Vaudreuil-Dorion (180.1/L), St-Jerome (182.0/L), and Alma (182.2/L).

While Montreal is experiencing some gnarly gas prices, Gaspé (188.9/L), Rimouski (188.2/L), Matan (188.1/L), and Blainville (187.9/L) take the cake for most expensive areas for fuel in Quebec.

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    Mike Chaar
    Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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