COVID-19 Restrictions In Quebec Should Be Totally Abolished, Says 59% Of The Population

Most provinces believe it's time to open everything up, a survey says.

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COVID-19 Restrictions In Quebec Should Be Totally Abolished, Says 59% Of The Population

The provincial government is easing some COVID-19 restrictions in Quebec, however, a majority of the population believe it is now time to end all rules set in place, according to a new poll.

The Angus Reid Institute (ARI) surveyed 1,688 Canadian adults between January 27 and 28 and asked whether COVID-19 restrictions should come to an end, allowing those at-risk to self-isolate if they're at risk.

Well, Quebec made its stance clear considering the study showed 59% of respondents agreed with the notion of ending all restrictions.

While Premier François Legault has announced the re-opening of restaurants, concert venues, and cinemas, to name a few, these establishments will only be allowed to operate at half capacity with a handful of set guidelines to follow — and, apparently, this is just not cutting it for Quebecers.

Considering 86% of Quebec participants said they believe becoming infected with the Omicron variant would be "mild" or "manageable," an Angus Reid Institute survey showed, it comes as no surprise that most agree that the current restrictions should end.

Angus Reid Institute

Similar sentiments were felt across Canada with 62% of people in Saskatchewan, 57% in Alberta, and 52% in British Columbia agreeing that restrictions should end while letting people self-isolate if they're at risk.

Angus Reid Institute

According to a poll that asked the same question but looked at the results by gender, Canadian males aged 35-54 are the ones who most believe "it's time to end restrictions."

When respondents nationwide were asked the same question between January 7 and 12, 40% were on-board with abandoning all current COVID-19 restrictions. However, the ARI stated that this figure had jumped to 54% in only two weeks.

In opposition to Quebecers' apparent strong urge to end restrictions, public health experts have continuously stressed the importance of certain rules to lessen the pandemic's impact on Quebec hospitals.

While the government is making strides at easing COVID-19 rules, it appears as if the majority of Quebec’s population receiving a third dose is the only way out.

In an interview with Tout le mode en parleon January 30, interim National Director of Public Health, Dr. Luc Boileau, said in regard to the third dose, "if we reached the same rate as last year, it's finished. There's no more, we lift everything, there's no more lockdown."

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Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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