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The Quebec Unvaxxed Tax Has Been Axed, According To A Report

It looks like unvaccinated Quebecers may not have to pay a "significant fee" finally.

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The Quebec Unvaxxed Tax Has Been Axed, According To A Report

Remember the "fee" unvaccinated Quebecers were told they would have to pay earlier this year if they didn't go get their first dose? According to a report by La Presse, after all the stress that followed that announcement, the provincial government is scrapping the idea of the Quebec unvaxxed tax.

This news is expected to be announced during a press conference on Tuesday, February 1, along with other much-anticipated news like the reported reopening of Quebec gyms this month.

When Premier François Legault originally announced the news about the new "health contribution" for the unvaccinated, he claimed that the 10% of unvaccinated adults in Quebec were causing a strain on the province’s health network.

That is why, he said, "we are currently working on a 'health contribution' that all adults in Quebec who refuse to get vaccinated will be charged."

This new measure was supposedly being imposed so that the 10% of Quebecers who refuse to get vaccinated don’t "affect" the 90% of the population who have chosen to get vaccinated, Legault stated.

Then, Sunday, January 16, the premier appeared on the Quebec TV show on Tout le monde en parle and elaborated on the original plans for this "health contribution" fee.

Legault claimed the Government of Quebec would "reach out one by one" to the 600,000 adults who had not yet received a vaccine dose to inform them about the fee.

But, it looks like now there was all that stress for nothing since it apparently won't even be imposed.

The premier's press conference will be available for public viewing on his Facebook page at 1 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon.

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