Élisabeth Rioux Shared A Peek Of Her New Home In Quebec

She says she offered $200,000 over the asking price.

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Élisabeth Rioux Shared A Peek Of Her New Home In Quebec

Quebec influencer and entrepreneur Élisabeth Rioux shared a peek of her family's new home in Quebec in a December 7 YouTube video.

For those who don't know, Rioux and her partner, Christo, have been searching for a house in Quebec after nixing — or at least postponing — plans to move full-time to Costa Rica.

Until now, she has offered glimpses of her search for a new property with her followers. Narcity and MTL Blog confirmed that she visited this $1.2 million modern cottage-style house in Saint-Sauveur after a photo of a sitting room appeared in her Instagram story.

But, according to Narcity Québec, Rioux and Christo ultimately settled on a home in Blainville, five minutes from a warehouse used by Hoaka, Rioux's swimwear company. She announced in the December 7 video that they had closed on the property and were in the process of conducting inspections.

She said that, given the red hot Montreal real estate market, they had to offer $200,000 over the asking price.

Despite the hefty price tag, Rioux said she's happy with the home — even if the couple does foresee extensive renovations.

"Our new house is so pretty, but there's still renovations that I want to do inside," she said in the video. Christo added at the end of the vlog that he plans to "completely renovate" the house.

Rioux's brief preview shows what looks like the new home's great room, an open living, kitchen and dining space with high, coffered ceilings, arched windows and a generous supply of bulky mouldings.

Elisabeth Rioux | YouTube

Elisabeth Rioux | YouTube

Elisabeth Rioux | YouTube

Rioux and Christo concluded by inviting viewers to follow along on their journey moving into and renovating their new home.

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