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Élisabeth Rioux Set The Record Straight On Her Daughter's Outfits After Instagram Criticism

"I'm so over all the people always commenting about Wolfie's outfits."

Elisabeth Rioux bathing suit, Right: Elisabeth Rioux and her daughter, Wolfie.

Elisabeth Rioux bathing suit, Right: Elisabeth Rioux and her daughter, Wolfie.

Élisabeth Rioux is certainly no stranger to harsh comments online. But when it comes to her daughter, she's not playing around. Rioux, who welcomed her daughter, Wolfie back in July 2020 is setting the record straight on her little one's outfits after a slew of comments criticized the 25-year-old for letting Wolfie wear socks and Crocs.

In a recent Instagram post, Élisabeth can be seen holding her daughter on a bridge in Venice, Italy. Well, it didn't take much time before folks called Rioux out for allowing Wolfie to wear an oft-considered fashion faux-pas. Now the swimwear designer is telling us how she really feels.

"If only you knew how many times a day people answer my stories to tell me her outfits are weird, not ok, no matching, too childish, etc. my baby is colourful, she’s extra, she’s confident," Rioux wrote in the photo caption.

"If she says socks and crocs, it’ll be socks and crocs. I don’t care if what she’s wearing matches her outfit perfectly but let me tell you: she cares a lot! Her choices might look interesting sometimes to me, but I think this is the magic of it and I would never want to fade her imagination just for her to fit more in the standards."

Élisabeth also took to her Instagram story to let her 1.5 million followers know that she's "over" the criticism.

Rioux was applauded for her words about Wolfie, receiving tons of love from her supporters. "People should mind more about their own business than by a little girl outfit… she is killing it," one user wrote.

"Letting a young child make decisions is SO👏 IMPORTANT 👏 for their mental development. She’ll grow to be a strong-willed, mindful, confident and decisive person because of it. Keep doing you, Wolfie!" another commented.

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