Montreal is known for many things, but the best part of our city has to be the exquisite and wide range of culinary delights that can be found on every city corner.

That's why it comes as no surprise that Chef Pencil included Montreal in the Top 10 "Most Underrated Foodie Destinations In The World."

The international food magazine is known for cooking tips, recipes, cooking advice, and original reports on food trends around the world. So really, it's an honour to see our city's name on its site.

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Yes, alongside the bagels, poutine, and famed meat sandwich, Montreal is embracing an eat-less-feel-more-satisfied approach to its menus.

Chef Pencil

They asked 250 chefs and foodies where they thought was the most underrated foodie destination and Montreal ranked #9 and was the only Canadian city to make the cut.

The number one spot was taken by Cape Town, followed by Budapest, Chicago, and Melbourne.

Mexico city ranked #5, which was followed by San Sebastian, Bergen, and Hong Kong.

Tenth on the list, the only below our beloved city of Montreal, was Napoli, Italy.

The article goes on to praise our city saying that the "wildly creativity, hopelessly innovative, and full of swanky, chic, casual, and pop-up places for foodie travelers."

True Montrealers know that our city kills the foodie game, but it's nice to be recognized on a global scale! 

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