There are a few things us 514 locals can't avoid: good food, construction, and of course, harsh winters. And with the cold right around the corner, it's about to become hot chocolate season in Montreal.

This warm drink is a go-to for so many of us during the cold winters in our city and a local company is taking this warm, sweet drink to an entirely new level.

Hot Chocolate Bombs, which is affiliated with the well-known company Smash Cakes, basically created the chocolate version of a bath bomb and it turns into a yummy hot chocolate.

All you need to do is drop the chocolate ball into hot milk and wait for delicious magic to happen!

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Prices vary on the number of bombs you order as well as the flavours you pick.

Original Milk chocolate starts at $7 and go up to $60 for a dozen. Cookies and Cream, Reese's, and KitKat will cost you anywhere between $7.50 and $60.

And, Aero, the priciest of the bunch, will put you out a minimum of $7.80 and a max of $69.60.

Clients can order this chocolate goodness through Instagram

MTL Blog was told they'll be releasing a holiday collection in the next few weeks. This tasty treat would make for a unique and sweet gift!

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