Humane Society International (HSI) announced yesterday it had rescued 196 dogs from South Korean dog meat farms and slaughter facilities. It's a sad story with a very happy ending, especially for Montrealers... because 50 of these precious pups will make our city their new home.

So if you're looking to adopt a fur baby, this could be your chance!

The dogs are arriving in Montreal in two waves: the first 25 came on Thursday and the other 25 are expected in two to three weeks, said HSI Senior Campaign Manager Ewa Demianowicz.

The pups are staying at an emergency shelter located just outside of the city "where they will receive the love, veterinary care and rehabilitation therapy they need prior to be placed in forever homes," reads a statement.

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In a news release, HSI explains that its animal rescue team quarantined in solitary confinement in Seoul before heading to a dog meat farm from which the majority of the dogs were rescued.

"Every dog meat farm I've visited has a horrible stench of feces and rotting food, but there was something different about this dog farm, it had a smell of death," HSI dog meat campaign manager Nara Kim said in a statement.

This is the 17th dog meat farm HSI has permanently closed down, according to the release.  

A new opinion poll shows growing support in South Korea for a ban on dog meat consumption. 

The dogs that were rescued are a variety of breeds: golden retrievers, a poodle, Korean jindos and mastiffs, Pomeranians, terriers and a Labrador.

Demianowicz explained that when these groups of dogs are ready for adoption, updates will be posted to the Humane Society website as well as the websites of partner organizations, such as the SPCA.

Dogs have been in high demand since the start of the pandemic — so you'll want to keep an eye out! But hundreds of pets have also been given up due to a COVID-19 related housing crisis, so make sure you're in it for the long run.

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