While most hockey players may not be known for their social media presence, one former Montreal Canadiens player has one of the best Instagram accounts ever. Some habs fans might not have fond memories of Scott Gomez, but he was once a bonafide NHL superstar, winning two Stanley Cups (2000 and 2003) and earning the title of rookie of the year in 1999, all with the New Jersey Devils. 

Gomez hasn't let retirement and a pandemic get him down, however.

The former Canadien is now a bonafide social media star, dressing up in costumes and showing off his knack for comedy and storytelling. 

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The main attraction for hockey fans is a weekly series called "Storytime with Uncle Scott" where Gomez, sitting in a comfy chair with a whiskey and a pipe, tells stories about his time in the NHL.

The stories often reveal hilarious, behind-the-bench insights on some of the most popular players to ever play, such as P.K. Subban and Claude Lemieux.

For all you non-hockey fans, Gomez also occasionally posts recipe videos.

The Alaska native is also quite the outdoorsman too and even hangs out with actual bears. 

Though Halloween has come and gone, Gomez offered some excellent yet sometimes unsettling costume ideas, superimposing his face on the likes of Cersei Lannister and Hermione Granger.

So if you're bored of the same old Instagram influencers posting ads on flowing white backgrounds, give former Montreal Canadiens player Scott Gomez a follow. 

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