Before announcing that Quebec would be entering an even more intense lockdown, including a curfew with fines for rule-breakers, Premier François Legault gave his take on a key question.

"I'm convinced that it is perhaps the question that many Quebecers are asking themselves as well today," he said in a press conference on January 6

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"With all the efforts [...] how is it that there are so many new cases every day?"

Premier François Legault

"Why? Why with all the efforts we have been making, particularly in the past two weeks [...] with the schools closed, with most businesses closed, how is it that there are so many new cases every day?" 

His answer is that the virus is spreading predominantly due to private gatherings in people's homes. 

According to Legault, "a lot of people," among them vulnerable and elderly people, were infected in their own homes and ended up at the hospital. 

This is the reason, he explained, for the "shock therapy" measures he proceeded to put in place "in order to reduce the number of visits in homes."

According to provincial data, "living and care environments" are where the second-highest proportion of outbreaks — 33.6% — occur. 

The data shows that the highest proportion of active outbreaks — 48.9% — occur in work environments. 

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