The Mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, sent her best wishes to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris regarding the 2020 U.S. election last night.

Plante tweeted, "All the eyes of the world, and especially Montréal’s, are on the US Election tonight. Good luck
@JoeBiden. @KamalaHarris, your high school city is rooting for you! #ElectionDay."

But, based on the responses her tweet has been getting, some people aren't happy that she chose to comment on American politics.

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One response that got the most traction read "You have no business speaking on our behalf! You lack respect for your citizens!"

Another Twitter user had a strong message for the mayor: "You are not, like me, a simple citizen."

"You are responsible for Montreal's image. And you're making comments about an election in another country?" they wrote.

"Would you like foreigners to come and tell Montrealers how to vote?"

The mayor's tweet has, so far, received a total of 46 replies — some that show discontent with her support for Biden and Harris, some saying they're grateful to live in Montreal, and everything in between.

Unlike Plante, when Quebec Premier François Legault was asked "Trump or Biden?" he responded by saying he didn't want to be involved in such a discourse.

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