A report by the Institut national d'excellence en santé et en services sociaux has projected that there could be a "significant increase" in COVID-19-related Montreal hospitalizations.

Over these next three weeks, the INESSS says, there is a "real" risk of "exceeding dedicated capacities."

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'More than 50%'

risk of exceeding hospital capacity in Montreal

Based on data from between December 28 and January 3, the INESSS projects that hospitalizations will increase across Quebec as a whole but vary by region.

In Montreal and its surrounding regions, "three-quarters of regular beds and two-thirds of designated intensive care beds" are already occupied.

In other regions, however, "the number of projected new hospitalizations is in slight decline."

Outside of the Montreal area, "almost 60% of regular beds and 30% of intensive care beds" are occupied.

In addition, the report states that "the risk of increased outbreaks in hospital settings remains a significant concern" in Quebec.  

With hospitalizations in Quebec the highest they've ever been since May, the situation in the province is "critical" for public health authorities. 

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