Many of Montreal's typical summer events were cancelled this year due to the pandemic. So, while this summer in Montreal seems quite unlike others' past, people are making do with what they can. One of Montrealer's favourite events, MURAL Festival, which always takes place on Saint-Laurent, became "Mural Estival" this year, which turned it into a virtual festival instead.

But, MTL Blog just got the news that in collaboration with Stella Artois, Mural Festival will be "reimagining" itself by "a large-scale outdoor installation on Saint-Laurent Boulevard that uses art to create safe social spaces."

This means Saint-Laurent will become pedestrian-only between Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal for 11 days, from August 13 to 23, "as a way to make way for a[n]...immersive art experience."

So, while it won't be MURAL Festival proper as we all know it, it shines a little light for anyone who was fearing missing out on the outdoor festival entirely.

According to the press release that was shared with MTL Blog, this event is "part of Stella Artois' global program to create a large-scale outdoor installation on Saint-Laurent Boulevard that uses art to create safe special spaces."

On the street, you'll find a 140-foot long Stella Artois terrasse that be operated by two local bars, SuWu and Warehouse.

With "Together Apart Street Art," MURAL is aiming to make "social distancing a thing of beauty." 

Todd Allen, VP of Marketing at Labatt Breweries of Canada, reassured us that "Stella Artois aims to facilitate these social moments in a safe and responsible way."

For those of you who are wondering how socially distancing will be followed, MURAL explained it to us.

A large-scale outdoor installation is being created by local artist, Francorama, which is set to use art to create safe social spaces.

The work is expected to "create a design that cleverly uses
shapes, lines and contrasting colours to help people stay socially distanced while also transforming the space it's installed in."

"This global pandemic has impacted every aspect of the local economy through to large annual cultural festivals like MURAL," stated Nicolas Munn, President of MURAL Festival.

This version of MURAL won't be like it has been in year's past though.

MTL Blog was told that "There will definitely be some artwork during the week but the majority of the artwork is being made as we speak for the official launch of the terrace Thursday!"

And, if you'd rather explore the art virtually, you can check out Mural Estival 2020's various events going on for the rest of the summer.


 "Together Apart Street Art"

When: August 13 – 23

Address: Blvd. Saint-Laurent between Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal


This cover photo was used for illustrative purposes only.

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