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Gatineau's Famous Mouldy Mansion Is Back On The Market

The listing actually says "enter at your own risk..."

The exterior of a perfectly normal home. Right, the ravaged interior.

The exterior of a perfectly normal home. Right, the ravaged interior.

When you finally move into your dream home, what pleasant smell will greet you as you step over the threshold? Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, a sweet floral candle, the sharp notes of a lemon-scented cleaner? If you live in this $300,000 house in Gatineau, it’ll be the delicious earthy rot of mould!

Extraordinary mould levels on the first floor. Extraordinary mould levels on the first floor. Jimmy Arsenault | Re/Max

The outside may be deceivingly ordinary but the interior of this home is nothing to sneeze at – or maybe that’s all you’ll do, unless you bring a filtration mask, like real estate agent Souleymane Haydara.

Haydara toured the home in a viral TikTok series, exploring the truly staggering amount of water and mould damage that characterizes the home.


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The house is full of abandoned belongings, including, unfortunately, a fridge full of expired food. “It really looks like someone was here one day and gone the next,” Haydara remarks in his viral TikTok tour of the home.

Previously on the market for the same price, this damp domicile has four bedrooms, a bathroom, and a washroom, as well as a single-car garage.

Creepy, uninviting stairs. Creepy, uninviting stairs. Jimmy Arsenault | Re/Max

The property previously received a bid of $308,000 and was set to be sold but its original owner returned and wanted to take the house back, Haydara told Narcity Québec. Since he was unable to produce the funds to pay, the bank placed the house back on the market, he explained.

Haydara guesses that the house might sell for less than the asking price — we might not see a repeat of that bid of $8,000 over. "It is certain that the bank will always keep a margin of flexibility,” he told Narcity, “So there is always a game, but there is a limit to it. I wouldn't be surprised if it sold a little bit lower."

The perfectly harmless backyard.The perfectly harmless backyard.Jimmy Arsenault | Re/Max

Once you make your way through the crumbling walls and pungent debris, there's quite a nice backyard to relax in. With the right renovator, perhaps this home has a better life ahead.

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