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This $300,000 Quebec Home For Sale Looks Normal, But Inside It's A 'War Zone'

Is this a metaphor?

This $300,000 Quebec Home For Sale Looks Normal Outside, But Inside It's A 'War Zone'

We found the setting for the next cheesy horror movie exposing the psychological turmoil behind the sheen of the suburban lifestyle. This $300,000 Quebec home might look like just another prefab to the average pedestrian, but on the inside, it looks more like the aftermath of a blast.

The listing for the 12-room semi-detached house in Hull describes the interior as a "war zone." Realtor Jimmy Arsenault told Le Droit that its current state is the result of water damage following a burst pipe in freezing temperatures.

Jimmy Arsenault | RE/MAX Québec

He's now marketing the home as an opportunity for a home flipper or contractor. The listing warns buyers will have to enter "at their own risk."

Photos of the interior show severely damaged walls and floors and exposed ceiling beams. Furniture and household items are scattered throughout. In some places, it looks like wall plaster is crumbling. Black mould appears to cover most surfaces.

Jimmy Arsenault | RE/MAX Québec

The 1,495 square foot home has a kitchen, living room, dining room, and half bathroom on the first floor. Upstairs, there are three bedrooms and a fullbathroom.

Jimmy Arsenault | RE/MAX Québec

In the basement, there are — or rather, were — a family room, additional bedroom, laundry and storage rooms.

Built in 1997, the building is located on a residential street 15 to 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa by car and about a 15-minute walk from trails on the north side of the Ottawa River.

Jimmy Arsenault | RE/MAX Québec

Get the details below.

'War Zone' Home For Sale In Hull, Quebec

Jimmy Arsenault | RE/MAX Québec

Price: $300,000

Where: 140, rue Marcel-Chaput, Hull, QC

Details: Devastated by water damage, this semi-detached home on a residential street is now being marketed as an opportunity for a house flipper or contractor.

See the listing here

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