Google Revealed Quebec's Top Searches Of 2020 & They're Surreal

Quebecers were clearly either cutting hair, pregnant or hungry...
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Google Revealed Quebec's Top Searches Of 2020 & They're Surreal

You can learn a lot about someone by what their search history includes. And Quebec's top 2020 Google searches surely reveal a lot about what was on the locals' minds throughout the year...

To no one's surprise, quite a few of the top searches were pandemic-related. But, it's the other questions that truly prove just how well-rounded Quebec is.

From worrying about stocks to growing pineapples and from taking pregnancy tests to learning how to cut men's hair, la belle province is simply full of curious minds.

I have no doubt we've ALL searched at least one of the following questions during all our free time this year.

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Quebec's top 10 "How to...?" searches of 2020

1. How to make a mask?

2. How to lose weight?

3. How to get reimbursed from CERB?

4. How to cut men's hair?

5. How to buy stocks?

6. How to get free Robux?

7. How to remove false nails?

8. How to grow pineapple?

9. How to make homemade Purell?

10. How to make yeast?

Quebec's top 10 "When...?" searches in 2020

1. When to reimburse the CERB?

2. When to get tested for COVID?

3. When to take a pregnancy test?

4. When to plant vegetables?

5.What to do when you're bored?

6. When to change the smoke alarm?

7. When to change a home electrical cable?

8. When to water a poinsettia?

9. When to sow grass?

10. When to change tires?

Google's "Year in Search in Quebec 2020"

1. Coronavirus 

2. Zoom*

3.Élections américaines 2020 (American elections 2020)*

4. PCU (CERB)*

5. Martin Carpentier*

6. Kobe Bryant*

7. Air Canada stock*

8. Panier Bleu*

9. Point de presse Legault (Legault's press briefing)*

10. Écoles ouvertes (opened schools)*

* This article has been updated.

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