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Quebecers' Top Google Searches Of 2021 Show How Weird, Long & Emotionally Crushing It Was

Remember when we thought everything would be better in 2021? 🤡

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Quebecers' Top Google Searches Of 2021 Show How Weird, Long & Emotionally Crushing It Was

Google revealed Quebecers' top searches of 2021 and they're giving us some unwelcome flashbacks. The results make it clear that we as a society have spent a lot of time thinking about COVID-19 — and the sometimes confusing health rules that have come with it.

The most searched phrase of the year in French was "Vaccination covid à proximité" — in English, that's "COVID vaccination near me."

The pandemic dominated news-specific searches, too. "Passeport vaccinal" topped the list, followed by "couvre-feu Québec" (Quebec curfew). Remember that? Believe it or not, that was this year and not in another lifetime.

"Loto-vaccin au Québec" and "confinement Québec" were the fourth and ninth most popular news searches, respectively.

Google also shows we really wanted to know "comment obtenir le passeport vaccinal?" (how to get a vaccine passport?) and "comment obtenir mon code QR?" (how to get my QR code?). These were the questions Quebecers typed into the search bar most.

Otherwise, searches related to sports were particularly popular. For Montreal Canadiens fans, though, those searches might have been disappointing, as well.

"NHL" and "NBA" were the second and fourth top searches overall, while "Wimbledon" and "Carey Price" were the third and eighth most-searched news topics.

Carey Price was also the second most-googled athlete in the province. The Canadiens goalie made headlines this year not only for leading the team through a surprise run in the Stanley Cup finals but also for entering the NHL Player Assistance Program and opening up about his struggles with mental health and substance use.

The most-searched athlete, however, was Leylah Fernandez, the superstar Montreal tennis player who, at 19 years old, made it to the U.S. Open final.

Other notable top Google searches this year include the ever-popular Quebec reality show Occupation Double, the hit Netflix series Squid Game, the 2021 federal election and that deadly tornado that struck the town of Mascouche on the North Shore.

Here's Google's complete list of Quebecers' top searches in 2021 by category, along with our own English translations.

Top searches overall in Quebec:

  1. Vaccination covid à proximité (COVID vaccination near me)
  2. NHL
  3. Élections fédérales (Federal elections)
  4. NBA
  5. Squid Game
  6. Alec Baldwin
  7. GME stock
  8. AMC stock
  9. Occupation Double dans l'ouest
  10. Ethereum prix (Ethereum price)

Top news searches:

  1. Passeport vaccinal (Vaccine passport)
  2. Couvre-feu Québec (quebec curfew)
  3. Wimbledon
  4. Loto-vaccin au Québec
  5. Jeux olympiques (Olympic Games)
  6. Gabby Petito
  7. Élections fédérales (Federal Elections)
  8. Carey Price
  9. Confinement Québec (Quebec lockdown)
  10. Tornade à Mascouche (Mascouche tornado)

Most-searched movies:

  1. Dune
  2. Shang-Chi
  3. Halloween Kills
  4. Army of the dead
  5. Eternals
  6. Red Notice
  7. Zack Snyder's Justice League
  8. Space Jam
  9. L'Arracheuse de temps
  10. After we collided

Most-searched TV shows:

  1. Squid Game
  2. Occupation Double dans l'ouest
  3. Ile de l'amour
  4. Les beaux malaises 2.0
  5. Star Académie
  6. Si on s'aimait
  7. Cecil Hotel
  8. Outer Banks
  9. Big Brother Québec
  10. Maid

Most-searched athletes:

  1. Leylah Fernandez
  2. Carey Price
  3. Jake Evans
  4. Tiger Woods
  5. Kyle Beach
  6. Mark Scheifele
  7. Pierre-Luc Dubois
  8. Marc-André Fleury
  9. Andre De Grasse
  10. David Savard

Most-searched recipes:

  1. Rôti de palette
  2. Osso bucco
  3. Recette avec aubergines (recipe with eggplant)
  4. Pâte à pizza
  5. Recette avec boeuf haché (recipe with ground beef)
  6. Boeuf bourguignon
  7. Crème de poireaux
  8. Filet de porc mijoteuse
  9. Tartare de boeuf
  10. Omelette cabane à sucre

Top "How" searches:

  1. Comment obtenir le passeport vaccinal? (How to get the vaccine passport?)
  2. Comment obtenir mon code QR? (How to get my QR code?)
  3. Comment faire de l'argent rapidement? (How to make money quickly?)
  4. Comment maigrir du ventre? (How to lose belly fat?)
  5. Comment arrêter le hoquet? (How to stop hiccups?)
  6. Comment acheter des bitcoins? (How to buy bitcoin?)
  7. Comment dormir rapidement? (How to fall asleep quickly?)
  8. Comment se débarrasser des mouches à fruits? (How to get rid of fruit flies?)
  9. Comment faire une patinoire? (How to make an ice rink)
  10. Comment renforcer le système immunitaire? (How to strengthen the immune system?)
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