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Another Montreal-Area High School Is Closing For 2 Weeks After 33 COVID-19 Cases

26 students at Gérard-Filion High School in Longueuil got COVID-19.
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Gérard-Filion High School In Longueuil Is Closing For 2 Weeks After 33 COVID-19 Cases

The Direction de santé publique de la Montérégie and the Centre de services scolaire Marie-Victorin have decided to close Gérard-Filion High School in Longueuil for two weeks as a "preventative measure" after multiple COVID-19 cases among students and teachers were identified. 

The Marie-Victorin service centre says that seven teachers and 26 students are infected.

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33 COVID-19 Cases At Gérard-Filion High School

"The Direction de santé publique believes that temporary closure is the best way to stop transmission in the school," it said in a statement.

Public health medical assistant Dr. Mathieu Lanthier-Veilleux explained that students and teachers are undergoing testing.

Students will begin distance learning between Monday and Wednesday, depending on their grade.

Marie-Victorin concludes by stating that "this situation is part of a broader context of increasing cases in the general population."

Quebec reported 896 on Sunday, September 27.

Health Minister Christian Dubé has said that Montreal and Quebec City will likely move into the "red zone," the highest level of alert in the provincial system, this week.

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