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Introducing the new MTL Blog experience

The biggest update to MTL Blog since its launch in 2013.

MTL Blog glitched effect

Last week marked the soft launch of the revamped MTL Blog website, taking us back to our essence as a local publication devoted to forging a deeper bond between you and the vibrant city of Montreal.

We've poured our hearts into building a solid foundation, and today, we're thrilled to also introduce Milla, our fresh fintech brand and platform that powers the MTL Blog logged-in experience. It's a game-changer for our registered and Pro users, unveiling a myriad of exciting features.

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New Features on MTL Blog

  • Craft Your Digital Persona: Step into the digital world with your unique 3D avatar. It's not just an icon; it’s a reflection of your digital soul. Take it wherever you go, spruce it up, and let it represent you. Create your avatar here

Custom Avatar PreviewYou can now upload and create your custom 3D avatar on MTL Blog.

  • Chat with Our Concierge, Alex: MTL Blog is coming alive with our AI-powered concierge, inspired by ChatGPT. Interact with Alex, ask questions, and receive tailor-made recommendations for local adventures.

Photo of the Concierge chatting experienceYou can now chat with Alex, our MTL Blog Concierge powered by AI and ChatGPT's API.

  • Earn While You Engage: We value your loyalty. Earn points for reading and commenting, and watch as your avatar and account level up. With daily visits (“Day Streaks”) and engaging comments, you're not just a reader - you're part of the community.

Photo of the levels and titles you can gain on MTL BlogA screenshot of the levels and different point mechanisms you can get with the new MTL Blog login.

  • Elevate Your Commenting Game: We’ve revamped the comments section to fuel meaningful interactions. Your custom avatar now accompanies your comments, and as you engage, your reputation grows. Let's get the conversations rolling!

Screenshot of commenting experience on MTL BlogOur commenting system has been fully upgraded to integrate with your avatar and new profile.

  • Bookmark Your Favourites: No rush - save articles you love and read them at your leisure.

We can't wait for you to dive into this enhanced version of MTL Blog.

Stay tuned for many more features and updates to come.

We hope it deepens your connection to Montreal and its community. If you encounter any hiccups or have feedback, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Sending love,

The MTL Blog Team

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