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London Got Its First Tim Hortons & The Menu Is Totally Different From Timmies In Canada

Baked beans in a toasted melt, anyone?

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
London, England. Right: Tim Hortons UK menu items.

London, England. Right: Tim Hortons UK menu items.

If you're a fan of Tim Hortons, then you just need to get a load of what they're serving overseas in the United Kingdom.

Tim Hortons officially arrived in London, England, last month in Park Royal, marking the first Tims to open in the nation's capital.

While Canada is home to some traditional Timmies menu items, including our beloved Timbits, the double-double and the Iced Capp, it appears the U.K. does things its own way.

While they've definitely got hot and cold beverages, breakfast items, meals and sweets, the menu looks very different.

For starters, Timmies in England took the Canadian coffee house theme to the extreme with loads of maple menu items.

From their Maple Latte and Maple Macchiato, both of which can be served iced, all the way to their Tims Maple Shake and Maple Iced Capp drinks, you can't help but point out how they all sound suuuuper Canadian but also freakin' delicious.

Although Tims U.K. has a pretty spot on brekky to what we've got over here in Canada, there are some additions to their menu that the True North should definitely start serving up.

They've got tons of pancake options and flavours including maple, chocolate hazelnut, a maple, caramel and white chocolate combo, and a chocolate hazelnut spread and Oreo mix. Yum, right?

The biggest shock though is their meal items. While Canada serves up a mean Tims Club or chicken wrap, the U.K. stepped up their game and said "f*ck being Toujours Frais, we're serving beef burgers!"

They've got… ready for it? Nacho Chilli Cheese Burger, Tims Smoky Maple Burger, Tims Bacon Double Burger, Tims Crispy Chicken Sandwich and hot dogs, for crying out loud. Hot dogs!

The idea of going to Tim Hortons and grabbing a hot dog just doesn't sit right for some reason but alas, the Brits seem to be on board with it.

As for their sweets, Tims U.K. decided to stick with more of a traditional menu. However, there are a few items that Canada needs to adopt including their Stuffed Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffle Donut, Strawberry Trifle Donut and Stuffed Lemon Meringue Donut.

Next, you've got the Heinz beans wraps or toasted melts that Canadian Timmies should definitely not adopt.

While the U.K. is known for their love of beans and all, heck we've even got des fèves au lard in Quebec, we're not about putting them inside sandwich wraps or toasted melts. Maybe it's just one of those "you've gotta taste it to believe it," type meals.

Despite the vast difference when it comes to menu items in Canada versus the U.K., Tim Hortons here will always be superior and we can't be convinced otherwise.

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    Mike Chaar
    Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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