Maripier Morin Shared The Story Of An Awkward Conversation With Bradley Cooper About Alcohol

"Bradley Cooper knew I was an alcoholic before I did."

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Maripier Morin on the Radio-Canada program 'L'autre midi à la table d'à côté​​.' Right: American actor Bradley Cooper.

Maripier Morin on the Radio-Canada program 'L'autre midi à la table d'à côté.' Right: American actor Bradley Cooper.

More than 10 years later, Maripier Morin still hasn't lived down her awkward poolside conversation with American actor Bradley Cooper. Sitting down for a conversation with singer France Castel on Radio-Canada's L'autre midi à la table d'à côté, Morin recounted the anecdote that later led her to believe that Cooper "knew I was an alcoholic before I did."

MTL Blog sister publication Narcity Québec was first to report this story.

It began with an interview about Cooper's role in the 2012 drama film The Words. The two bonded over their French, which Cooper mastered while living in Aix-en-Provence. Next thing Morin knew the film producer invited her to a pool party with the cast.

"I was excited," Morin remembered. "I said, 'Oh God. Bradley Cooper's going to be there!'" She arrived and sought a glass of wine "for courage."

"Then I saw that [Cooper] wasn't drinking." She pressed him on it: "You don't drink?" She recalled her shock at his confirmation.

"That troubled me because I needed to drink." Morin has since publicly shared her history of alcoholism.

She decided to order shots to see if Cooper would partake. "Of course he'll take shots, everyone takes shots," she remembered thinking.

That's when Cooper disclosed his own alcoholism. "'I'm an alcoholic,'" Morin said Cooper confessed, sternly, stating he had been sober for years. "'I will not drink.'"

Morin told Castel that later in therapy exercises she would try to identify the moments that could have pointed to a problem with alcohol. She suspected Cooper may have had an indication before she did.

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