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This Montreal Restaurant Is Serving TikTok's Latest Sweet Pizza Trend & It's Seriously Good

Sticky, sweet, and sometimes with a kick. 🍕🍯

​Someone eats a slice of pizza at Gentile. Right: The neon-lit interior of the Montreal restaurant.

Someone eats a slice of pizza at Gentile. Right: The neon-lit interior of the Montreal restaurant.

Pineapple on pizza is no longer the biggest conversation starter — or stopper — at dinner tables. The latest food trend making rounds on TikTok, honey-topped pizza, has made its way to a Montreal restaurant, where it's taking the city's pizza game to the "nectar" level. It's not just any honey, but the spicy, hot kind that promises to add both sweetness and a kick to your slice.

While the concept of drizzling honey on pizza isn't brand new, the app's algorithmic magic has played a significant role in amplifying its popularity. Over the past few months, clips of gooey honey being gracefully poured over a hot slice have been hypnotizing viewers, earning thousands of shares and likes. And Montreal isn’t one to stay behind on a delicious trend.


There’s nothing like a slice from Gentile Pizza in MTL 🍕 Toss on some of their spicy and truffle honey and it’s game over. 📍 4134 rue Saint-Catherine, Montreal #mtl #montreal #mtlfoodie #mtlfood #montrealfood #montrealfoodie #montrealblogger #foodblogger #gentile #gentilepizza #pizza #montrealpizza

One viral TikTok video by @eatsbynat shows foodie Natalie Ludwig eating a slice dripping with honey. "Please go and try honey on your pizza," she says. "Honey on pizza is such a good combo: it's sweet and savoury. It is so divine." Commenters were quick to agree. "Everyone thinks I’m so weird for this but it’s SO good," wrote one, while others specified that spicy honey is the way to go.

If you've been bitten by the TikTok bug and are hankering to taste this latest trend, there's one spot in Westmount to try – Gentile Pizza Parlour (next to Café Gentile). Not only is are their slices mouthwateringly good, but they also offer a choice of hot honey or the truffle honey dip, each $3.50.

If you're questioning the combination, the taste is nothing short of transformative. The hot honey delivers a fiery kick, balanced with a touch of sweetness. It amplifies the flavours on a salty slice. The crisp, curled edges of pepperoni cups become reservoirs for the honey, creating a bite that's bursting with contrasting flavours.


Honey on pizza is elite. #foodcombo #honeyonpizza

For those who prefer a garden on their plate, drizzling honey over a veggie pizza with roasted bell peppers or olives adds a surprising twist. The honey's mellow sweetness complements the smoky vegetables, enhancing the fresh, earthy notes of the toppings while introducing a delightful complexity to each slice.

Many pizzas already contain a hint of sugar, often lurking within the sauce or crust. But drizzling or dipping in honey takes things up a notch. It not only amplifies the inherent sweetness but accentuates the flavours of other ingredients too. And for those who usually cast aside the crust, you might find yourself hanging onto it just a bit longer, using it as a sponge to soak up every last drop of that golden nectar.

Based on its soaring popularity and the droves of people eagerly sharing their honey-infused pizza moments online, the hot honey trend is here to stay. And for Montrealers, it's a trend that's just a quick stop away at Gentile Pizza Parlour.

Gentile Pizza Parlour

Where: 4134, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest (Westmount)

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