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11 Jobs In Montreal Hiring Right Now That Don't Require French

This one's for the anglos.
11 Jobs In Montreal Hiring Right Now That Don't Require French

Everybody knows that Montreal is a bilingual city. In fact, we're quite proud of it. But sometimes us anglophones have a bit of a tougher time finding work, which is why we always end up searching "English-speaking jobs in Montreal" on Google.

While some English-speakers speak French pretty well, others have a more basic understanding of the language. Without being fluent or have a high degree of proficiency, your options may be limited.

For those that grew up here and had a hard time with tenses and conjugations, or for those like me that are new to the city and are also trying to pratiquent lefrancais, it may feel downright frustrating when you start applying for jobs.

But don't give up hope. There are definitely jobs for English-speakers. Some jobs even require it.

And because the Montreal market is a leader in a wide range of industries, chances are you'll find something in your related field.

So touch up that resume and get your interview face ready because we've gone ahead and found some English-speaking jobs that are hiring right now.

Assistant Designer At Charlie B

Salary: Based on experience

Want to get into Canada's leading fashion market? Charlie B is a Montreal-based, family-run company whose mission is to bring European style to the streets of MTL.

A diploma in fashion design is required.

Apply now

Partner Communications At Transitapp

Salary: Based on experience

Transitapp is an app that helps you know when your bus is arriving and the best route possible. Something that Montrealers know is a must!

The team is looking for English copywriters for both partner and customer audiences – French is a bonus, but not required!

Apply now

Licensed Nurse At Manoir Beaconsfield

Résidences Québec

Salary: $21/hour

To me, nursing is one of the most honourable professions out there.

Manoir Beaconsfield is a long-term care facility, home to 23 residents, who require medical attention or just some friendly company. Either way, you can go to work on the beautiful lot and know that you're making a difference in someone's life!

Apply now


Salary: $15/hour

Looking to be the next Mary Poppins?

As someone who was a nanny for years, I can tell you it's an amazing job. Hang out and get to take care of your new besties. What could be better?

Apply now

Lead Generator At Design N Rank

Salary: $12–14/hour

If you've got a knack for sales and lead generation, then this is the job for you. Design N Rank is website designed and digital media agency looking to take its team to the next level

Apply now

Summer Account Representative At Lash Vision Media

Salary: $14/hr and 5% commission

Lash Vision Media is a marketing agency that offers experiential and mobile campaigns. As a summer sales rep, you'll get to work with some amazing clients and build your skillset.

Those currently studying or have studied marketing and/or business preferred.

Apply now

Freelance Copywriter At SSENSE

Salary: To be decided

According to its Instagram page, SSENSE is a "Luxury fashion tech leader and cultural resource."

The freelance copywriter will be responsible for written content and brand voice. A year of writing experience in fashion or e-commerce is required.

Apply now

Copywriter At Maison Battat Inc.

Salary: To be decided

Is there anything better than a child's smile? At Maison Battat Inc., that's exactly the goal — making children happy.

Working with the Marketing and Communications Manager, you'll create engaging copy and adapt to customer feedback.

Besides working with toys sounds like a pretty sweet gig to me.

Apply now

Player Support At Keywords Studios Montreal

Hunterbliss | Dreamstime

Salary: $13.50/hour, a plus night-shift bonus of $2.50, for a total of $16/hour

Calling all gamers, this one's for you.

Keyword Studios is looking to add members to their player support team. Be sure to tell them all about your passion for gaming when you apply.

Apply now

Customer Service Representative At HiringHelp

Salary: $13.10/hour with benefits

Clearly, you're looking for a job. And so are so many other people.

Hiring Help is looking for an English-speaking service representative to join the team. Ideally, you'll have at least six months of call centre experience.

Apply now

Customer Service Representative At TTEC

Salary: $15.50–$17/hour

TTEC uses technology to bridge the gap between businesses and their audiences.

To apply for the customer service representative position, you'll need an interest in sales, great communication skills and a stellar attitude.

Apply now

Best of luck with your applications!

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