A Quebec Man Was Allegedly Caught With Hundreds Of Guns (PHOTO)

The RCMP also says officers seized over 200 magazines.
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5 Hockey Bags Full Of Gun Parts Found Near U.S. Border: RCMP

On March 5, RCMP officers say they stopped a "suspicious vehicle" in Dundee, Quebec, near the U.S. border.

While searching the vehicle and a trailer, the officers found five hockey bags full of disassembled handguns, according to a report published by the federal police force.

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The alleged driver, 24-year-old Sherbrooke resident William Rainville, was "was immediately arrested for illegally importing firearms," the RCMP says. 

The RCMP says it identified a total of 249 handguns, broken down into parts.

According to the National Weapons Enforcement Support Team (NWEST), "even when disassembled, each part is illegal and considered a firearm under the Criminal Code."

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The RCMP also reports it seized "249 prohibited magazines, with a capacity of 15 rounds each."

Rainville appeared in court over the weekend and is facing numerous charges, which police say include "importing restricted firearms, possession of prohibited weapons, possession of prohibited devices, and possession of firearms for the purpose of trafficking."

"Other charges may follow after the evidence is analyzed," the RCMP says.

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