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5 Montreal Skateparks To Live Out Your '90s Skateboarding Nostalgia

Grab some sick air at these rad parks in the city.
5 Montreal Skateparks To Live Out Your '90s Skateboarding Nostalgia

While Montreal isn't the first place you think of when you think of skateboarding, there's still a wealth of quality skateparks in Montreal thanks to a dedicated scene lead by local skateboarding icons the Dime Crew, Annie Guglia, and Pierre-Luc Gagnon

For you '90s nostalgic types, skateboarding is perhaps the perfect activity. So why not head to one of these amazing skateparks in Montreal?

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Parc Arthur-Therrien Skatepark

Where: 3750, boul. Gaétan-Laberge, Verdun, QC

Why you should go: It's in the coolest neighbourhood in the world and it's where all the Verdun cool kids hang out.


Vans Skatepark

Where: 2727, boul. Pie-IX, Montreal, QC

Why you should go: If it's good enough for Tony Hawk, it's more than good enough for you.


Parc Marcel-Laurin Skatepark 

Where: 2345, boul. Thimens, Montreal, QC

Why you should go: Though you might not have expected to find a skatepark in such a suburban neighbourhood, it's worth the trip for its awesome trick spots.


Le Taz Skatepark

Where: 8931, ave. Papineau, Montreal, QC

Why you should go: Even though Le Taz is closed (for the time being), that shouldn't stop you from booking some time at Montreal's best and most trick-spot-filled indoor skateparks.


Van Horne Viaduct Skatepark 

Where: 5855, boul. St-Laurent, Mile-End, QC

Why you should go: It's the skatepark with arguably the best vibes in the city.


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