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6 Easy Ways You Can Support Local Montreal Businesses This Holiday Season

The little things make a big difference!
6 Easy Ways You Can Support Local Montreal Businesses This Holiday Season

2020 has been hard on all of us. But for local Montreal businesses, the effects of the pandemic have really hit hard. And with the second wave coinciding with the holiday shopping, there's no better time to support local.

One of the greatest parts of Montreal is the collections of small boutiques and talent in all aspects that truly show off the Montreal flair for just about anything.

And to help keep this incredible culture of creativity alive, let's give our favourite spots the ultimate gift this holiday season of our love and support.

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Buy Gift Cards

How It Helps: While you may not be anything just yet, it's a great way to help businesses in the holidays. Plus it allows the special person receiving it to choose exactly what they want.

Postpone, Don't Cancel

How It Helps: Just because we can't have the holiday experience like we're used to, doesn't mean we can't make amazing memories at a later date.

Use The Small Businesses Feature On Instagram

How It Helps: This great new feature allows people to help out their favourite local companies and give them free publicity.

Enter Giveaways

How It Helps: Not only do you get to help spread the word, but you also have the chance to win some amazing stuff.

Get Takeout Instead Of Using An App

How It Helps: Restaurants (and you) have to pay small fees to the different apps... every dollar counts!

Like, Comment, Tag

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How It Helps: The more engagement a page gets, the more likely they are to end up in someone else's feed.

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