7 Free Things To Do In Montreal This Winter If You're Broke AF

We've got a fun season ahead of ourselves.
7 Free Things To Do In Montreal This Winter If You're Broke AF

Winter can sometimes be a little dark and gloomy, which is why we're always looking for things to do in Montreal to help us forget about the cold weather.

The best part of this list is that everything on it is completely free — so you don't have to break the bank every time you leave your apartment.

Some activities are ideal for the holidays while others can be enjoyed all winter long. From festive Christmas markets to virtual museum tours, there's a slew of free things to check out throughout our city.

Whatever you decide to dive into, remember to dress warm!

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Check Out Montreal's Christmas Village 

Address: 138, ave. Atwater, Montreal, QC; Behind Atwater Market

Why You Need To Go: To get into the Christmas spirit and pick up some festive goodies.

Go Tubbing On Mount Royal

Why You Need To Go: If you already have a tube, then this is one cheap and thrilling activity you can do this winter.

Watch Planes Land

Address: Avenue Jenkins, Dorval — next to the YUL airport; Parc Jacques-de-Lesseps

Why You Need To Go: Since we can't really go anywhere, why not stare up at the sky and admire the planes leaving and coming into the city?

Take Yourself On An Outside Only Art Tour 

Address: Various spots in Montreal

Why You Need To Go: Because our city is full of incredible art that you can see for free.

Visit Jean-Talon's Christmas Market

Address: 7070, ave. Henri Julien, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: One of our favourite markets is turning into a Christmas wonderland, who wouldn't want to go?

Do A Virtual Tour Of Musée Des Beaux-Arts

Why You Need To Go: Just because you can't physically go to the museum doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the artwork that lives inside the building!

Go See Montreal's Winter Gardens

Courtesy of Noel Montrealvincentnedelec | Instagramsalome_menu | Instagram

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