7 Montreal Joys That Have Us Counting Down The Days In Lockdown So We Can Do Them Again

These memories give us a reason to keep hope alive for the post-pandemic future.
7 Montreal Joys That Have Us Counting Down The Days In Lockdown So We Can Do Them Again

COVID-19 has taken a significant toll on Montreal since the start of the pandemic in March. Being at the heart of the province with the largest number of coronavirus cases in Canada, we've had to rule out most of our daily activities for the sake of public health.  

Not only have locals had to say goodbye to iconic Montreal businesses, but our bustling and vibrant way of life has been dampened due to government restrictions in the city.

With second-wave cases on the rise and projections still murky, it may feel like there's no end in sight.

Luckily, we can still remember better days and stay hopeful that we'll be able to resume staple Montreal activities when the commotion blows over.

Scroll through to reminisce on seven small Montreal joys that will make you smile until we finally get our city back.

Summer drinks on a terrace  

agrikol_mtl | Instagram

Why We Miss It: The city is overrun with terraces, and Montrealers were lucky enough to be able to enjoy bar get-togethers this past summer before the second wave hit. With Quebec's red zone lockdown extended until the end of November, we're itching for summer to make its next appearance.

Picnics with friends on Mount Royal

Bakerjarvis | Dreamstime

Why We Miss It: With private gatherings prohibited in Quebec's red zones, most of us have likely been feeling separation anxiety from members of our inner circle. Most of us long for Montreal's hot summer evenings in the park with friends and some cold brews.

Montreal's legendary festivals

ryanemberley | Instagram

Why We Miss It: Summer just isn't the same without Montreal's free MURAL shows, the International Jazz Festival, the Canadian Grand Prix and Osheaga. It's safe to say that with winter approaching and lockdowns being extended monthly, we're longing for the days when we were able to stand in a sweaty crowd of onlookers.

Coffee crawls at Montreal cafés

tommymontreal | Instagram

Why We Miss It: Lots of Montreal boroughs are packed with charming cafes that we've been forced to neglect this year due to closures. Our autumn just isn't the same without being able to sit in a cozy café with a hot beverage and a great book.

The Montreal food scene

foiegwa | Instagram

Why We Miss It: Montreal boasts one of the best dining scenes in North America, as one of the cities with the most restaurants per capita. It's safe to say that despite the perk of having the city's entire repertoire added to delivery services due to the pandemic, Montrealers are eager to make the most of their hometown's one-of-a-kind dining experiences.

Hockey night in Montreal

Jdazuelos | Dreamstime

Why We Miss It: We're fiercely protective of our beloved Montreal Canadiens. Hockey season in the city was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions, so sports lovers will be thrilled to experience a Habs game in the flesh once the pandemic is over.

Montreal's firework festival

Marc Bruxelle | Dreamstime

Why We Miss It: Fireworks have been an integral part of Montreal for the last 35 years. Montreal hosts one of the most prestigious annual fireworks competitions in the world, amassing almost three million spectators per year. Though the competition is usually held at La Ronde, it was cancelled this season. With so many viewing points to spot the skyward sparklers, Montrealers missed an iconic part of summer in the city.

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