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7 Montreal Internships To Apply To For January If You're Just Absolutely Over 2020 Already

All positions that'll make your resume look GOOD. 📄
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7 Montreal Internships To Apply To For January If You're Just Absolutely Over 2020 Already

Remember all those goals you had for 2020 and when you thought it was totally gonna be your year? LOL, same. Well, the good news is that 2021 is around the corner and there are tons of Montreal internships starting in January that'll provide another chance for what could possibly be "your year."

One of the best ways to gain experience is through an internship.

And here in Montreal, we have plenty of companies with lots of spots for people just starting out or just looking to try something new.

Who knows? Maybe 2021 could be ALL of our years...

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Data Science Co-Op/Intern

Company: Intact

Field: Artificial intelligence, Computer science, Data Science

Why You Need To Apply: For the chance to work for one of the largest insurance firms in the country that are sure to keep your prospects intact in the future... Although you should know that Mitch Marner might not be there when you are.

Developer Intern

Company: Gsoft

Field: Computer programming

Why You Need To Apply: Get to work for an incredible company that's worked with some pretty impressive clients, like McDonald's, Microsoft and Ikea. It'll be pretty impressive on your resume, too.

IT Intern

Company: Desjardins Group

Field: Information technology

Why You Need To Apply: The company is looking for various interns: Programmer Analyst, Quality Assurance Software Analyst, Project Controls and Scrum Master. Because just like a garden, your opportunities are free to bloom and grow.

Concept Artist Intern

Company: Behaviour Interactive

Field: Gaming

Why You Need To Apply: An internship in gaming? Doesn't that sound fun?!

Financial Crimes CPLE-Intern

Company: Société Générale

Fields: Finance, Sales, Information Technology & Services, Banking, Financial Services

Why You Need To Apply: The title sounds serious, but the job can be amazing. And will make for a killer addition to your resume later.

News and Current Affairs Intern

Company: CBC/Radio-Canada

Fields: Journalism, Media, News

Why You Need To Apply: So you can CB-see what journalism is all about and others can see what amazing experience you'll then have.

Developer Intern

Company: RBC

Industry: Software, IT

Why You Need To Apply: Having a huge bank like this on your work experience definitely pays off.

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