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7 Montreal Matcha Spots That Serve Some Of The Tastiest Green Drinks Around

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7 Montreal Matcha Spots That Serve Some Of The Tastiest Green Drinks Around

Montreal is swimming is fabulous cafés to check out. It's almost as though there's a trendy spot to see in every corner of our island. And, speaking of trendy, Montreal matcha spots are where it's at right now.

Cold or hot, matcha drinks quench your thirst in such a unique manner.

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For those of you who have never tried this flavour-filled green drink, this green tea beverage is high in catechin which some believe to have cancer-fighting effects on the body.

And, as a bonus, the drink is quite delicious.  

Although big chains like Starbucks and Second Cup make their own variations of it, other spots throughout the city take this beverage to new heights. 

Not only do the following cafés know a thing or two about matcha, but they also have a ton of other menu options for you to dive into. 

And, to top it all off, each of the following spots has a certain charm that makes for amazing backdrops to your photos. Some new Insta content coming your way!


Where: 1468, rue Peel, Montreal, QC

Livia is without a doubt one of my favourite spots in all of Montreal. The food, the sweets and of course the matcha are all drool-worthy. They even recently added a matcha cookie to the menu that is to die for.



Where: 64, rue Prince, Montreal, QC

Cafécito is not only an aesthetically pleasing spot, but it also happens to make some of the best matcha in Montreal.

If you're a matcha fan, you're going to want to test this place out.


Leaves House café

Where: 2051, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC

Leaves is one of those cafés that you can't help but fall in love with. The cool staff, great treats, and even better drinks like matcha are the reason why they made it to this list.


TSUJIRI Montreal

Where: 1418, rue Crescent, Montreal, QC

Everything at TSUJIRI, from the hot and cold matcha drinks, is truly mouth-watering. There's even soft-serve ice cream and shaved ice delicacies that are what sweet dreams are made of.


Matcha Zanmai

Where: 1428, rue Mackay, Montreal, QC

This local spot is basically a matcha lover's heaven. Matcha Zanmai has amazing drinks, desserts, plus some tasty ice cream to indulge in.


Nous Sommes Café

Where: 180, rue Prince-Arthur E., Montreal, QC

Located on Prince Arthur, this charming café not only kills the matcha game but also serves some of the tastiest desserts in the city, including matcha flavoured desserts.


Tommy Café

Where: 200, rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, QC

Tommy is one of the coolest cafés in all of Montreal. Everything this spot makes is next-level delicious, including, of course, its matcha drinks.


Now go get some matcha!

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