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7 Montreal Restaurants That Make The Best Picnic Meals In The City

Some even give you a picnic blanket or a grill to go with your meal.
7 Montreal Restaurants That Make The Best Picnic Meals In The City

Summer is all about doing things that you wouldn't do during any other season in Montreal. From sipping on drinks on a terrasse and roaming the many parks our city has to offer, to enjoying a delicious picnic outside, there are so many fun activities that can only be done during the heat of the summer. And, this year, there's a slew of Montreal restaurants offering picnic baskets for you and your friends to enjoy, making eating in a park that much more fabulous. 

Each of the following spots will not only provide you with everything you will need for a picnic experience extraordinaire, but they'll also pack up some of the tastiest eats in the city for you to nosh on. 

From Greek eateries and Italian meals to fried chicken, there's a picnic basket that will satisfy everyone's cravings.  

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There's something so enjoyable about a picnic, not only can it be a romantic date, but it can also be a fun way of spending time with your crew while embracing the summer heat. 

Tuck Shop

Address: 4662, rue Notre-Dame O, Montreal, QC

Tuck Shop is one of Montreal locals go-to spots all year round and recently they have been trying something new.

The restaurant launched @portage.mtl, which are seasonal boxes from your favourite farms and eateries. there's even a wine list to pick from.

And, best of all it's available for both pick-up and delivery.


Maquis Yasolo

Address: 3763, rue Notre-Dame O, Montreal, QC

Maquis Yasolo is one of my favourite summer discoveries. The array of flavours that are felt in every bite have had me craving this eatery every week.

And, luckily for us, they have been providing picnics with their delicious meals to go all throughout the summer.



Address: 487, rue Sainte-Catherine E., Montreal, QC

Not only is this eatery providing our city with epic meals to be eaten outside, but they are going on step further and even offering a little BBQ for you to grill your meal on.

This concept is taking eating in the park to an entirely new level.


Dinette Triple Crown 

Address: 6704, rue Clark, Montreal, QC

Dinette Triple Crown is by far one of my favourite spots to eat during the summer months.

Not only do they cook up some of the most decadent and flavour-filled meals, but it offers a pretty amazing picnic set up, equipped with a tablecloth, sauces, and of course, tasty eats.


SudWest Gyros & Co

Address: 3401, rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, QC

The only thing better than eating Greek food is eating in while enjoying a picnic outside.

And, this summer, SudWest Gyros & Co is offering Greek-style picnics that will have both you and your social media following begging for more.


Pizzeria Gepetto Beaubien

Address: 2510, rue Beaubien E., Montreal, QC

I don't know many people who don't love stuffing their faces with pizza and pasta and the only thing better than that is pigging out under the sun, in a local park.

Pizzeria Gepetto Beaubien offers to take out picnic baskets that will take your dinner to new heights completely, totally worth trying.


Le Fruit Shop

Address: 230, ave. Fairmount O, Montreal, QC

This may not be a typical restaurant, however, this Greek grocery store has been cooking up mouthwatering meals and treats in picnic format.


Happy picnicking!

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