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7 Of The Funniest Montreal Moments That Happened This Year

Despite the craziness, we still had a few LOL moments.
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7 Of The Funniest Montreal Moments That Happened This Year

2020 was definitely a year of anxiety, anger, frustration and even sometimes tears. But it was also filled with lots of laughter, especially here in Montreal. I don't know if everyone was getting a little stir crazy or just looking for a reason to chuckle, but some of the things that people did this year were downright ridiculous. Or just plain goofy.

Honestly, though, not that I'm complaining. If it weren't for a few laughs along the way, who knows how much stir crazier we could have gotten?

So to say goodbye to 2020 and hopefully, a funnier-but-with-less-social-distancing 2021 awaits, here are some of the most LOL moments of the year.

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That Time Dr. Arruda Showed Us His Dance Moves

2020 has been a year of memes, dances and parodies. Quebec musician Rod le Stod wrote rap a song about the province's most famous doctor, Horacio Arruda, who couldn't help but bust a move.

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That Time Plante Showed Us She "Could Really Dance"

Speaking of dancing public figures, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante also showed everyone that she also knows how to boogie with Montreal influencer Vanessa Grimaldi.

Both love the city and love to dance, too, apparently.

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That Time A Montrealer Backflipped Onto An STM Car

This one may be more *gasp* than *hahahahaha*, but either way, this was definitely a wow moment of the year that is not to be tried.

Self-proclaimed "adrenaline junkie," Vincent Leblanc, 20, decided that taking the metro was way too mundane, so he decided to make it even more flippin' cool.

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That Time A Teddy Bear Drove Around Town And DJed

Entertainment was a rare commodity in 2020 and more often than not, Montrealers found themselves yearning for something that they could look forward to.

But have no fear — it was Geoff to the rescue! The bear DJ headed around town with his trusty side-kick, the gold masked driver, bringing tunes and cheer to the people of Montreal.

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That Time A Construction Zone Turned Into A Construction Zone

influencersinthewild | Instagram

Everyone knows that Montreal construction takes it to a whole other level. Well, this photographer and model took it to a whole other, another level with what can only be described as making the best of a bad situation.

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That Time People Got The Most Interesting Gift On Their Front Doorstep

Courtesy of Elana Sadeh Zeitoune

Everybody loves gifts, but some Montrealers love giving the most peculiar gift: watermelons with random notes left on people's doorsteps. Many claimed they were quite skeptical of the unwarranted fruit.

We don't blame them.

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That Time The Bloc Québécois Found A Festive Solution To The Language Debate

Say what you will about the BQ, but you have to give them points for creativity and, let's face it, boldness. How many politicians around the world can you think of that can honestly ask people to say, "Bonjour-HO!" to one another with a straight face?

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