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7 Things SNL Got Wrong About Montreal In Its 'Bonjour-Hi!' Sketch

Some Quebecers aren't happy with Saturday Night Live's depiction of us.
7 Things SNL Got Wrong About Montreal In Its 'Bonjour-Hi!' Sketch

This past weekend, the cast of Saturday Night Live spoofed the CBC, putting its focus on the "Bonjour/Hi" debacle that Quebec continuously finds itself in.  

Montrealers are known for being a pretty chill crowd, maintaining a joie de vivre not often found in other cities around the world.

However, few things are as sacred to Quebecers as their proud identity. So when you come for our bagels, our Franglais and our Celine, all bets are off.

Social media in Montreal was abuzz with criticism of the Bonjour-Hi! sketch, pointing out all the ways that SNL's Bowen Yang and Kate McKinnon misrepresented Montrealers. 

Scroll through to see seven things the SNL cast got wrong about Montreal.

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Our accents

The cast misrepresented Montreal's unique bilingualism by mimicking our speech with some kind of France French accent that's far from Québécois articulation.

However, SNL did get one thing right about Montrealers — the use of tabarnack.

Our obsession with Drake

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Our pronunciation of 'Montreal'

The 'Parisian smoker' trope

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Our precious bagels

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Our 'double kiss' 

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What cars we drive (because it's not Peugeots) 

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