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8 Montreal Bakeries With Valentine's Day Creations So Cute They'll Make Your Head Hurt

But they'll make your tummy happy.
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8 Montreal Bakeries With Valentine's Day Creations So Cute They'll Make Your Head Hurt

Valentine's Day means one thing: Oh so many sweet treats. And whether or not you share them with your sweetheart is totally up to you, but a time for sweet lovin' is also time for some sugary goodies. As always, Montreal bakeries have got you covered.

And don't worry about adding a little romance — not only are these bites tasty, but they'll totally set the mood.

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"How sweet it is to be loved by youuuuu" (me singing to my baked goods).

The creations on this list are so painfully cute that they'll make any V-Day Grinch change their mind about the Hallmark holiday.

Christine's Cookie Shop

The cookies are the cutest way to remind you that you and/or your S.O. are beary cute. Oh cookies, you absolute flirt.



Sealing it with a kiss may not be very COVID-friendly, but this cake is. Plus, a smash cake is a great way to express yourself after the year we've had since last Valentine's Day.


Les Biscuits Josie Plescia

Josie makes the most amazing cookies that are like little works of art. They're almost too beautiful to eat... almost.



These heart-shaped cake pops will get your heart racing and give you butterflies in your stomach just like your first crush did. But don't worry, they definitely like you back.


SweetBite Bakery

Some more cake pops to really make this holiday pop! Perfect for your sweetheart, or just your sweet tooth.


Patisserie Vimont

To make this Valentine's Day cozier than ever, get these hot chocolate bombs that'll take your February 14 from dreamy to steamy.


Olove Cakes

Did you know that if you rearrange the letters in olive, you can spell I love? And nothing says olive you quite like an olive cake "made with love."



Courtesy of Sundaiz

And lastly, for all of you nut-free lovers out there, check out Montreal's best cookies, nut-free or otherwise, that are perfect for the person that drives you nuts, but who you're totally nuts about.


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