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9 Spots In Montreal Where You May Just Run Into A Celebrity

Can you guess which hidden café Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were spotted at?
9 Spots In Montreal Where You May Just Run Into A Celebrity

The 514 is a seriously amazing place. From culture to history and cuisine to music, people from all over the world to experience everything we love about our city. And we've got proof of that, with our list of Montreal celebrity sighting spots.

While we may have some local celebs here in Montreal, we've also had a long list of worldwide A-listers make their way to our city at some point or another.

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Whether it's to shoot a movie or just to visit, don't be surprised if you see a familiar face wandering the streets.

The coolest part is, they're all places that we know and love.

Historic sites, cafes, restaurants.

Stars: they're just like us!

You can totally tour the city and stop at all of your fave celebs' fave spots in town.

And who knows, maybe you'll see another famous face while you're there.

Or maybe you'll post something and give another A-lister a great idea for their Montreal bucket list.

Because when it comes to Montreal, no one can help, but be absolutely captivated by the city. Not even the world's biggest stars.

Cafe Aunja

Celebs: Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

Hollywood's young lovers headed to one of the city's coziest spots to relax and chill after a day of exploring the city. One of their favourites.


Joe Beef

Celeb: Joe Rogan

In episode 1202 of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe talks about how Joe Beef is his favourite restaurant ever.

He even has David McMillan and Fred Morin, the owners of the famous establishment, on the episode to discuss the Montreal and Quebec scenes.


The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts 

Celeb: Kim Kardashian West

One of the most famous sisters possibly ever was in Montreal last year and made a stop at The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to see the exhibit, Thierry Mugler: Couturissime.

And Montrealers definitely wanted to teach her about dressing for our winters.


Mount Royal

Celeb: Liam Hemsworth

It's hard to believe that there's a sight more beautiful than Liam Hemsworth. But it seems like Liam seems to think that our city is a sight for sore eyes (can you blame him, though?).

He headed up the mountain and took in the view when he was in town last fall.

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Old Montreal

@justinbaldoni | Instagram

Celeb: Justin Baldoni

You may remember him as Rafael on the CW's Jane the Virgin, but Justin has been flexing directorial skills, too. He was in town shooting the upcoming film, Clouds, and fell in love with the city, including Old Montreal.


Park Restaurant

Celebs: Neil Patrick Harris and Katy Perry

One of Montreal's most renowned chefs, Antonio Park, has so many connections are the world he was bound to have a few celebrities come visit one of his establishments.

And, it's likely to not be the last time either.


St-Viateur Bagel

Celebs: Phil Rosenthal and Idris Elba

Everybody knows there's no bagel quite like a Montreal bagel. On his show, Somebody Feed Phil, Phil Rosenthal's first stop was to the iconic bagel shop.

And I'm sure Idris Elba had a similar thought — because can you really start your day in Montreal without a bagel?


Centre Bell

Celeb: PK Subban

It's no secret that the Bell Centre was PK's home-away-from-home, where he played for the Habs for six seasons.

In this clip, you follow the hockey player through 24 hours in Montreal, with a stop, of course, to Centre Bell. He was playing with the devils, but we know that the Habs still have his heart.



Celeb: Céline Dion

Our Québécoise queen in one of our city's most popular spots, what could be better?

Back in 2016, "the owners of Schwartz’s and Céline took the opportunity... to distribute meals to various charitable organizations dedicated to helping out those in need."


Who else have you seen?