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9 Side Hustles You Can Do In Montreal If You're Looking To Make An Extra Dollar

All while keeping your day job!
9 Side Hustles You Can Do In Montreal If You're Looking To Make An Extra Dollar

Making a little extra spending money can always be useful and when it comes to side jobs in Montreal, there are probably way more options than you think out there.

You just need to get creative!

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With so many people, so many businesses and so many opportunities in our city, there are tons of ways for you to pay off that credit card debt.

From virtual tutoring to delivering packages, there's an abundance of things you can do as a little side hustle. And, the best part is that all opportunities on this list would likely still let you keep your day job.

Work For Le Delivery Guy

Ledeliveryguy | Instagram

Why You Should Try: If you don't mind dropping boxes off, Le Delivery Guy is currently looking to hire. This company is a delivery service for local businesses. You can make your own hours and there are even added bonuses and incentives.

Sell Your Clothes

Why You Should Try: There are plenty of ways that you can get money for your clothes. Either sell them online on sites like Poshmark or you can even check out one of the many consignment stores throughout our city.

Start A Blog

Why You Should Try: Starting a blog might be hard at first. However, if you put in the effort, you will get great results. Blogs are a great way of making money so find your niche, whether it be food, fashion, or anything in between, and get to work.

Become A Tutor

Dark1elf | Dreamstime

Why You Should Try: Either virtually or in person, being a tutor is a solid way to help you earn some extra cash flow. From math and history to French and English, people are always looking for tutors in our city.

Become An Uber Driver

Why You Should Try: Driving for Uber or deciding to be a delivery person for Uber Eats is a great way of adding a couple of extra dollars to your bank account.

Shovel Snow During The Winter

Why You Should Try: Take a look outside your window when it's snowing — someone is always making money shovelling the snow from your neighbour's driveway. So why not let that person be you?

Cut Grass During The Summer

Mariusz Blach | Dreamstime

Why You Should Try: Similar to snow removal, cutting grass is something that so many people need and are willing to pay for. So as summer approaches, ask your neighbours if they need someone to cut their grass this season.

Wash Cars

Why You Should Try: Washing cars is an incredible way of earning a little extra income. You can even start a mobile car washing side hustle, which will for sure bring in that extra cash.

Clean Houses

Why You Should Try: Cleaning houses doesn't sound like the most luxurious way of making money, but the truth is that it pays pretty well.

Why not clean a couple of spaces on the side to earn those extra dollars you've been looking for?

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